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Maryly's Students' Tiles and Testimonials
  I've been going to Maryly's Zentangle classes for twice a month for almost two years and now look forward to them as much as my restorative yoga classes. No matter what my mood is when I arrive, I leave feeling relaxed and happy. The process of slowing down and being non-judgmental is refreshing, given how life is, usually, outside class. Giving in to the process and trusting that it will all come out in the end seems to work! I feel lucky to have Maryly's gentle encouragement and guidance.
  — Peaceful
  I liked learning and drawing the Zentangle process. It was freeing as there are few rules and perfection is not the goal. I was engaged in the whole process. I look forward to learning some new complex designs. Maryly is a good, calm teacher. She is well prepared and has a soft, calming way that I think adds to the experience.
  — Joan A
  When Maryly asked a few friends to be her "guinea pigs" as she began teaching Zentangles, I happily went along. It turned out to be a mentally engaging and simultaneously relaxing and a lovely quiet way to spend time with a few friends. Maryly is a very careful teacher. I find Zentangles to be very compelling. They have become a guilty pleasure for a quiet, creative, engaging de-stressifier.
  — Lin S.
  I was astounded at the beauty of our Zentangle tiles given that none of us had done this before. Ms. Snow presented concepts and instruction in an evenly paced manner that was easy to understand. Definitely want to do more.
  — Fran S.